One solution for brands and retailers

Merging thousands of different ways of handling product complaints into one platform. Claimlane is the single point of handling returns.

Tailored to make brands, suppliers and retailers work smarter together.

  • Your claim ticket

    The claim ticket is created through a simple step by step guidance, ensuring that the complaint contains all mandatory information, e.g. important photo documentation of product and fault.

    Your claim ticket
  • Claimbox

    The Claimbox is your overview of all your complaints. Any user can access the Claimbox and participate in the handling of your claim tickets.

  • Invite, connect and collaborate

    Invite and connect with external stakeholders to collaborate on handling complaints. Share your brands with your agents and distributors and get full insights on the complaints they are handling.

    Invite, connect and collaborate
Claimlane can reduce your time spent on handling claims by

Getting started

Free up time from handling claims to other activities. Get started with our solution in three quick steps.

1. get ready

1. Get ready
Sign up for free and investigate how our solution look and feel.

2. set up

2. Set up
Register your brands and complaint terms. Invite co-workers and external stakeholders to collaborate on handling complaints.

3. take off

3. Take off
Simply invite your customers directly through Claimlane or send out a mail with our link.

"Men who are unhappy with how a supplier deals with their complaints will boycott that organization for an average of 10 years – double the time for women"

Customer champions

Embrace the benefits

One platform, many benefits
With your complaint data organized in one place and all your stakeholders connected, communication and entering data is simplified and streamlined. Endless emails and telephone calls are eliminated, replaced by solving with a few clicks.

A picture - worth a thousand words
Claimlane guides users to easily include photo documentation of their complaints. This provides you with product insight, so you can identify and rectify problems early in production. And save additional money.

Ready, set, go!
Get on board, fast. The Claimlane toolset is easy-to-use. Within half an hour, you can set up your framework and begin your brand new complaint handling.

Show me the money
Using Claimlane saves you the time and money you currently waste on handling complaints. Handling with a click and a smile.

Customer loyalty
When you take people’s problems seriously and solve them quickly, you can boost customer’s relationship with your brand. Claimlane gives you the tools to achieve new levels of customer loyalty.

First class brand
By satisfying unhappy customers, Claimlane will make your retailers look good. Your status as a first-class partner shines through, enabling retailers and customers to appreciate your brands’s true values.

Get the full value out of claims

What would this mean for your business?

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What is the average price of labor per man hour in your organization? About EUR 260 /hr
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